San Francisco Xavier Mission
Phoenix, Arizona

est. 1940

About Us

An Inpdendent Catholic Church since 1940

Francisco Vasquez the builder of the mission came from Mexico around 1912.  First coming to Tombstone, Arizona, then later settling in South Phoenix. Francisco bought a few acres near the base of south mountain in 1928.  Francisco raised his family in the same home that still is on the property today.  In 1940 Francisco built San Francisco Xavier Mission as a "Manda" for his family and for many families that lived and worked in the south phoenix area, many were migrant workers.

Francisco operated the mission until his death in 1971.  The mission was passed on to his daughter Dionicia "Nisha" Vasquez who operated the mission until her death in 2003.  The mission was then operated by Francisco's two sons Poncho Vasquez and Simon Vasquez until 2011.  This mission was then passed on to lone survivor of the mission estate, Peggy Galindo, Dionicia's eldest daughter.

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San Francisco Xavier Mission

2846 E. South Mountain Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85042, United States


Saturday and Sunday

0800 am to 5:00 pm



We currently are accepting applications for baptismals, marriages and special mass.  Please come to the mission on Saturday or Sunday 8am to 5pm and submit your application.  All baptisms are done on Saturdays.


Father Jose Banda is the clergy officiating all sacraments and mass at this time.  Father Banda has done an amazing job and is willing to help the mission visitors as needed and we enjoy his willingness to help others.

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Helping the Mission

We always welcome those that want to help us maintain the historical mission,  If you have a skill or wish to help lets us know.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.  Stop by the mission or email us.


1.  When are baptism's done?

A:  On saturday's at 10am

2. What is required for baptism?

A: an application, a copy of the birth certificate, a deposit

3. Do we currently have Mass?

A: At this time, during hot summer months, we do not offer regular mass.  We will consider starting again when it cools off around october.

4. Is the Mission consecrated?

A: yes

5. Is the mission part of the Dioces of Phoenix?

A: No

We are an independent Catholic Church since 1940.  We follow the guidelines of the Roman Catholic Church.  We help those in need of Sacraments in a traditional manner and we consider ourselves much more flexible in many ways to coincide with our members and visitors.  We recognize "guidelines" as a guide not a rule which helps many come to us after being turned away by the traditional churches.

6. Do we conduct special mass?

A: yes

If a special mass is needed, our clergy will conduct a special mass upon request.